Forests cover approximately 45% of Latvia’s territory. The major species are Pine and Spruce (around 60%), Birch (around 25%), Aspen, Grey and Black Alder, Oak and Ash. The largest forest areas are located in western Latvia.


The state is the largest forest owner in Latvia with control of approximately 50% of the forests. Of the remainder, 40% of the forests are owned by private persons, with the rest being owned by local communities. All activities in Latvian forests must be conducted according to Latvian Forest Law.


Vika Wood buys raw material, under free market conditions from all of the different Latvian forest owners. The major part of the raw material is bought from the state owned forestry company LVM and the rest is bought from private forest owners and forestry companies. The biggest private log suppliers are Metsa Forest Latvia SIA and SIA Krauzers which operates in both privately and state owned forests.

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