Log measurement 

SIA Vika Wood utilises a SPRINGER MASCHINENFABRIK AG log sorting plant with 70 bins. The plant is operated by SIA VMF Latvia, an independent legal entity, who provide a service of impartial and qualified wood measurement in Latvia.


Sawing line

The sawing line starts with a reducing-debarking line with 2 rotors (Valon Kone). This equipment provides well debarked logs to the sawing equipment which starts with a reducer bandsaw (Soderhamn), and an edger with scanning and optimization capabilities (Soderhamn). For re-cutting there is a profiling line installed for active curve re-sawing with sideboard optimization manufactured by Linck. This combination of today’s technology provides the best lumber accuracy and the optimum utilization of logs.



Drying is based on Valutec equipment with an energy plant of 12 MW capacity. Energy production is derived from sawing residuals such as bark and dry chips. In total the sawmill has 24 Chambers, 2 OTC two zone kilns and 6 progressive kilns. With this range of dryers and technology in combination with our expert knowledge we can provide our customers with the best drying results and requested moisture contents. The full production is kiln dried.


Grading is carried out according to customer requirements and common Scandinavian standards are used as baseline. A Renholmen grading plant is used which in combination with experienced graders provides a reliable and stable lumber quality for our customers.


All our products are delivered to customers by containers, lorries and ships. Our well-protected packages are loaded by forklift into European standard trailers. Container loading is accomplished by the use of specialized equipment (Loadplate). This provides the best product care during transportation to any global destination.

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