SIA Vika Wood acts as a responsible and competent company in environmental matters, with a responsibility which begins with the purchase of raw material (i.e logs for our sawmill industry), continues throughout the production process and ends when the product is finished and ready for delivery.

Each department of our company has a responsibility for its own contribution to competent and effective environmental management.

Improvement and development of our environmental activities are carried out throughout our daily work.

Our by-products, which include bark, chips and sawdust, are used internally for our own boiler (to power the kilns and provide heating), or sold to the brickett and pellet industry (for local heating), and to pulp and papermills.


SIA Vika Wood only utilises logs derived from forests managed according to Latvian Forest Law. Latvian Forest Law concerns all those matters necessary for sustainable forest management, including re-planting.


SIA Vika Wood is certified according to the FSC Chain of Custody standard and PEFC standard. For FSC certified products please ask for FSC product group schedule.


Environmental actions in Vika Wood are organized according to the Latvian Standards LVS EN ISO 14001:2015 and Environmental Law (2006), Pollution Law (2001) and the Special Packaging and Packing Regulations (2002). As Latvia is member of the EU all national environmental legislation corresponds with EU demands and policies.


Our environmental management prevents or reduces possible pollution effects on public health, properties, nature and also:

  1. reduce pollution effects on soil, water and air
  2. reduce the use of irretrievable natural resources
  3. reduce the amount of generated waste
  4. ensure the identification of polluted and potentially polluted areas and if necessary take steps for remediation
  5. to appoint responsible persons and provide the resources needed for managing environmental issues

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